Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I Use Ipad Pro as My Only Computer for Graphic Design & UI/UX Since 4 Months Ago. Why and How I survived?

So I’ve been using the 11 inch iPad Pro 2018 with the smallest 64GB storage as my only computer for all of my UI/UX graphic design & illustration work since May 2020, not merely because I could. In this post, I will explain how I survived all this time and the reason why did I make the switch in the first place.


The most important step to note is to not jump in with both feet and ditch your laptop right away. I started the transition from my old MacBook Pro to iPad since January 2020, which is 4 months before I went all in. At that time I used both devices and switched back and forth between them, so if something went wrong or I still couldn’t do certain tasks on the iPad, I could always reach my MacBook to get my work done.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Tale of Her Spirit Animal

There is this folktore from my hometown (Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia) that our first regent named Bayapati was protected by troops of catfish as he hid in a pond from angry villagers who mistook him a thief. The troops of catfish calmly swam over his body so the villagers can't find him.

Actually, Bayapati was sent by Sunan Giri (one of nine saints who spreads Islam in Java) to get his precious creese that he accidentally left behind on a woman's house. The woman then accused him as a thief because he tried to get the creese back secretly from her.

After he successfully gave the creese back to Sunan Giri, he swore an oath that he and his descendant will never eat catfish.

But nowadays a lot of people from my hometown earn a living from selling catfish (Pecel Lele) as a dish all over the country (including my family) and we also can eat it too.

I usually post my work in progress on my instagram story @bizwud. Follow me there so I can get the swipe up feature :)).

What is your spirit animal?

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Friday, April 1, 2016

My Longest Journey

Drawn on phone while waiting my bus to depart

Months ago, I was 4 hours away from home sitting on the bus with a friend heading back home when I suddenly realised that my phone has been lost. So I started to panic, and decided to let her went back home alone with that bus while I search for my phone and wait for another bus. Some friends helped me but we couldn’t find it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jaringan Baru Indosat, Internet Cepat dan Stabil

Jadi, setelah meluncurkan jaringan baru internet cepat dan stabil di Makassar, Indosat menggelar acara Community Meetup yang bertempat di Coffee Toffee Jl. Lamadukelleng, 17 Oktober lalu. Di acara ini, Indosat mengundang berbagai komunitas dan blogger yang ada di Makassar.

Acara ini dimulai dengan sambutan dari Ibu Rosna, Sales Manager Area, yang sekaligus memperkenalkan jaringan baru internet cepat Indosat U900 dengan kecepatan sampai 42Mbps, (ini sungguh-sungguh cepat, Gaes... \o/). Ada Juga program kartu perdana 3GB untuk pengguna internet yang berlaku selama 90 hari tanpa pembagian waktu. (Iya, Gaes.. gak pake dibagi-bagi quota siang atau malam :D).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 on Instagram Review

Hi, hello 2014 people. It's a little bit late, but who cares, right?

 I'm bad at remembering things. So I'll try to review my last year moments based on my instagram post. 
Of course I didn't post every single important moments in my life and not everything that I had posted on instagram is important, I mean like the selfies. :)
so here it is..

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On Making Things Consistently

Hi, I know it's been a long time since I post here as often as this. Some people cross your path and change your whole direction, they said. I will get better at updating :D.

Last week, I joined a training for visual communication design communities in Makassar. I met a lot of inspiring creative people and they suddenly made me want to share more.. and more.. and more.. to this interweb. So here i am posting something. 
Yaaayyy!! \o/

So I've been joining Opium - Makassar Urban Magazine since last month as an illustrator. Beside doing some freelance projects, this is the other way to keep me making things and learn something new consistently.

These are my illustrations for the #44th edition 
The Pseudonym Issue

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bias Bukit Harapan

Hi hello. So a couple weeks ago I got an assignment from my graphic design and publishing class. We were assigned to make an album art for local musicians in Makassar. So I choose this awesome acoustic ambience/folk band named "Theory of Discoustic". 

They sing about hope, dreams, night, rain and other beautiful things in this universe. Some of their song is based on makassar traditional dance and folk song. 

"Bias Bukit Harapan" is based on story of Indo' Logo, a Bugis-Makassar folk song. this song is about memories and hope.

You can follow Theory of Discoustic here:



Happy weekend :D
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