Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I Use Ipad Pro as My Only Computer for Graphic Design & UI/UX Since 4 Months Ago. Why and How I survived?

So I’ve been using the 11 inch iPad Pro 2018 with the smallest 64GB storage as my only computer for all of my UI/UX graphic design & illustration work since May 2020, not merely because I could. In this post, I will explain how I survived all this time and the reason why did I make the switch in the first place.


The most important step to note is to not jump in with both feet and ditch your laptop right away. I started the transition from my old MacBook Pro to iPad since January 2020, which is 4 months before I went all in. At that time I used both devices and switched back and forth between them, so if something went wrong or I still couldn’t do certain tasks on the iPad, I could always reach my MacBook to get my work done.

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