Friday, April 1, 2016

My Longest Journey

Drawn on phone while waiting my bus to depart

Months ago, I was 4 hours away from home sitting on the bus with a friend heading back home when I suddenly realised that my phone has been lost. So I started to panic, and decided to let her went back home alone with that bus while I search for my phone and wait for another bus. Some friends helped me but we couldn’t find it.

Eventually, I took another bus alone and becoming that kind of doesn’t-have-phone person. I usually listen to podcasts or do digital drawing with that phone on the go, so It felt like the longest journey ever. I started to talk to people next to me, a couple guy about my age just arrived from another island to celebrate Eid Holiday with family.

Most of the time I took a look at the window, touching whatever I could, asking for the times, or thinking what kind of phone I have to buy next and I would definitely spent all my last project fee for a new phone. One of the guy even offered some foods to break my fast. My face must be looked so sad at that time.

Arrived home, I was at the phase of acceptance to let my phone go, but my sister told me that my friend on my first bus found my phone, to be precise, a child found it lying on the bus floor and he (or she) let my friend know. Thank you random child and my friends. Yeah. 


  1. Sekalinya ngepost lagi gambarnya makin keren ya mas :)

  2. Replies
    1. Halo.. ga kemana2 bro. makasih sudah berkunjung

  3. kalau emang nggak boleh ilang ya bakal dikembaliin sama Tuhan apa adanya ya bang

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  6. ceritanya menginspirasi mas. salam dari lomba apa saja ya


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