Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 on Instagram Review

Hi, hello 2014 people. It's a little bit late, but who cares, right?

 I'm bad at remembering things. So I'll try to review my last year moments based on my instagram post. 
Of course I didn't post every single important moments in my life and not everything that I had posted on instagram is important, I mean like the selfies. :)
so here it is..


I started 2013 with working on this agenda project and still made doodles with finger using my phone, try to draw inspiring people like Clara C to get me inspired


I still made doodles, I did it for these two lovely fashion blogger


College task was going crazy on this month. Like building website and updating one post each day, went around the city to take photo's for my photography class while still had to work on some freelance project stuff. Oh, I also posted tips on doodling with finger this month.


This is a lovely month I finally got my first DSLR camera, a Canon 60D. :')


Still had to take photo's for my photography class and we were assigned to make "walking photography exhibition" for our final assignment. Yes, I mean exhibiting our photos and walk. Around the Mall. 
And we had to ask some mall visitors to criticize our photo's. I am completely lack at talking to stranger. I got a lot of awkward moments that day. But that was funny.


I joined basic course of photography by KOSMIK. Then our class went to visit some media in Jakarta. So many awesome things happened I can't write all of it on this post. 


I went to a trip from Jakarta to Bandung with my friends. My friend Shella wrote a post about it here, thanks so much for this trip :). Then I went to Surabaya to met my brother and I finally went back to my hometown Lamongan after 4 years. I also went on a trip to Malang with my brother and his friends. This is my longest trip ever.


I didn't post anything on instagram on this month. What am I doing in August? oh, some friends made a surprise for my birthday, that's my most moment in August. :')


This is another lovely month. I can only borrow pen tablet from bro barzak before.. Then I finally have my own pen tablet (wacom bamboo) :')


This month is another super busy month because we were assigned to make a documentary film for our cinematography class. So my team choose to film how Opium Magazine made. And then I joined Opium Magazine as an illustrator.


All final assignments was done this month.

2013 was an amazing year. I went to many places that I've never been, I have learned so many new things, new skills, learned to say no, try not to bite off more than I can chew, and love my self more. I have accomplished so much that I didn't think I could.

Lets make a lot of awesome stuff in 2014. ( '-')9
Have a nice day!


  1. Ngomong2 kalo lihat portofolio masnya dimana ya?

    1. Portfolio online sudah lama down bro. Kalo illustrasi ada beberapa di blog ini kok bro. scrol scrol dikit aja.. Ada juga sih beberapa illustrasi yang belum bisa di publish.. Untuk logo juga banyak yang belum sempat di publish.. Abis ini deh diusahakan bikin portfolio lagi. Thanks sudah diingatkan. :D

  2. mau ngucapin ini aja mas

    Salam kenal ya mas pendatang baru ni heehee

  3. Ikut nimbrung dikunjungan perdana :). termasuk followers ke 305

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