Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SketchBook Mobile Tips: How To Deal With Limited Layers

Hi hello..! So, some friends on twitter ask me to make a tutorial on how to use SketchBook Mobile to draw.

Since the Sketch Book Mobile apps already has the guide (tutorial) that explains the tools, so I'm going to share how to deal with it's layer limitation, which is being the main problem for some people (or is it just me?).

So here is the tips:

In SketchBook Mobile apps, we can only have 6 layers each file. Yes, sometimes that's not enough to draw :(.  The solution is divide your drawing into 3 files. We got 6 layers limitation each file, so if we use 3 files, we will get 18 layers for one drawing like a boss *Yaaaay!* (3 files are optional. If you need more layers, you can use more files)

In my way, I use the first file just for the outline, the second file is for basic color and background (this is optional, I put the background layer here because I usually don't use many layers for the basic color in this drawing). And the last file is for the shadow & lighting.

1. Outline's File

If you use guideline to draw, you can set the layer opacity down.

Then you can draw your outline in new layer. I usually use separate layer for hair, face, and body so it would be much easier to fix if I make mistake.

When you have done with the outline, Save (1) your outline for the first file (Outline's file). Then re-open this outline file and Save a Copy (2)  to use it for the second file (Basic Color's file). You can also duplicate this file on gallery. 

2. Basic Color's File

Open your second file (Basic Color's File) and merge all the outline-layers in one layer except the guideline (you can erase it in this file). So you can get more free layers for coloring. Use separate layer for each color to make it easier to modify. 

Save this "Basic Color's file" and create the duplicate to use it as the third file (shadow & lighting's file)

3. Shadow & Lighting

Now merge all your Basic Color layers in one layer. Then you can create more layers to draw the shadow and the lighting. 

Congratulation! Now you can save your drawing to JPEG or export it to PSD so you can do color correction or edit it on Photoshop.

My other drawing on Sketch Book Mobile:

Keep Drawing! \o/
Have a Good Life, Guys!


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    1. pakai jari bro :D pakai stylus malah susah :))

  2. Langsung di Bookmark :D #LagiNabungBuatBeliAndroid

    1. silahkan beroh, semoga cepet dapet Androidnya :D

  3. makasih bang bizwud , coba aaaaah :D

  4. Biz, saya download kok beda ya sketchbooknya
    Tolong kasih link downloadnya dong Biz :)

  5. hmmm,, siap untuk di praktek kan..
    thanks for tips bro..

  6. nice post, sy sudah coba tp yg versi free nya krn berbayar ternyata hahaha jadinya cuma mentok di 3 layer-__-"

    oh iya salam kenal kak, sy jg kosmik angkatan 2012 :p

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  8. keren bro, untuk buat stylus sendiri gimana? atau beli pertimbangannya gimana bro? :D

  9. Wih keren bang bizwud :) cobain ah....

  10. Keren ini Kak..
    sudah lumayan lama pake android, tapi baru tau aplikasi ini :D

    suka sama blognya juga, salam kenal kaka "Bizwud" :)


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