Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blogging and SNSD

Sleepless SNSD Zombies: My vector illustration submission for "Expo Karya KOSMIK 2012 - Social Network Social Distortion"

That illustration is about how social media like Twitter can make a huge impact in our life, at least mentally. We are free to follow both inspiringly awesome people or negative people which makes you think about negative thing and get sad and stuff, every time.

In that illustration, I take the negative side like how those social networking sites are beautifully addictive and make you sleepless. Off course I'm not an anti-social-network. I love the internet. I'd like to
thanks to Social Network, Social Media and ~the internet~, for coloring my life :D.

Two things I learn from this expo is the first: this expo is created for us to keep creating and creating and creating.. things. The second is when I was walking on the expo, suddenly a wild blogger friend @planetyar appeared. He reminded me to blogging again, blog about anything, blogging for fun. And I was thinking about how this blog was bringing many awesome experience to my life.

I remember some people sent me emails to collaborate or hire me for project. They told me they came from this blog, and I was like "woaa... really? there is someone read my blog" maybe they're not literally read, maybe they just look at the picture, but that's fine anyway... :'). I don't know who they are before, but I work and collaborate with them. We made good things together, even just remotely, sometime. And that was so awesome.

KOSMIK friends in Expo Karya KOSMIK 2012 and a glimpse of @planetyar 
I still made artworks and stuff this 7 months without post. I just didn't post it... Yet. Maybe this is what they call "Local focused". I was focused on being more sociable person in real life and the college thing and stuff. And that's kind of not easy. I'm not an anti-social person, I just make stuff better in solitude.

Oh, Happy New Year! 2013
So.. How Social Network affects you?


  1. Social Network kasih dampak yang besar banget bang.

    jadi kenal lebih banyak tentang apa yang belom kita dikenal. Ya, kalo di tekuni terus bisa addict... mangkanya itu tetep prioritas utama kehidupan sosial disekitar kita (real social) ;D

  2. And I fell like a pokemon after reading this -___-
    Yah, kembali lagi, teknologi dibikin untuk memudahkan segala macam kebutuhan dan keinginan manusia. Kita yang seharusnya proaktif menggunakannya, bukan kalah oleh determninasi teknologi, termasuk tidak seharusnya paranoid sama perkembangan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi.

    1. :)) ketularan pokemon. Btw thanks sudah di ingatkan waktu itu. Setuju banget.

    2. Bahasa yang tak pake yang biasa muncul di Game Pokemon di Gameboy :))

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